Beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce Trees 5-8 feet tall

Add beauty privacy and shelter to your home farm or business

Buy 5, 5-6 foot tall spruce for $525
Buy 10, 7-8 foot tall spruce for $1350

Delivery and planting extra.
Other sizes and quantities available.

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Why Plant Spruce Trees?

Baby Blue Spruce Tree on grass  on sunny day
Colorado Blue Spruce
Buy Trees Load Them up Ready To Go Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding areas
Colorado blue spruce are a great fit where beauty, privacy, and shelter from wind are your goals.  They transplant much better than many species, especially pines.  And because they are quite salt tolerant, they can survive near roadways where many other species will not. For all these reasons Colorado blue spruce are a popular cost effective choice for many landscaping projects. Excellent quality, natural looking, pruned spruce trees available direct from the grower. Hundreds to choose from. Trees are dug into 28-34" wire basket and burlap balls. Pick them up and plant them yourself or have us quote transportation and planting services for you. These trees are a great size for the do it yourself project. 1-2 people can maneuver the balls without heavy equipment, and the holes can be dug by hand.

We offer discounts for larger volumes.

Thinking of Planting Trees Yourself?

Colorado blue spruce on kitchener waterloo farm during daylight on grass with other trees
Blue spruce on tree farm
Buy spruce trees direct from the farm, serving Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas
Thinking of planting trees yourself, but not sure if you can? We would be pleased to work with you to make your project a success .  Contact us to answer your questions.  A large portion of the cost of planting trees is the work.  We can supply transportation, digging, full service planting, or just the trees and you do it all.  If you would like a full service - supply transport and professionally planted project we would be pleased to quote this for you. Many of our customers enjoy gardening and outside work, but may need some advice or help with a portion of the project - hauling, digging the holes, or setting the tree in place. If you are interested and able to do some or all of these steps, we want to work with you reduce your costs and make your planting project a pleasant and rewarding one. Contact us  so we can put together a plan that makes sense for your situation.
Fall season to plant trees kwtrees will remind you when it's time to plant

Who Are We?

We are the Joosse's, Dennis and Pamela with our kids Hannah and Eric. Dennis has a bachelor's and master's degree in plant sciences and Pam has a PhD in soil science, so as a family we like growing things! We've had experience growing and selling trees at a previous farm. When the kids were small we planted 2000 spruce seedlings so they could learn how grow things and earn money for their post secondary education too.  The kids and the trees have grown up together.  Now Hannah the oldest has moved off to university and it's time to find new homes for the trees as well.

We'll have your tree prepared for a quick easy transport. Delivery is available.

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